The Foreign Rational

The world seen through the eyes of a life-long nomad

So nice to meet you! I’m Alex, a Swiss national, born in the USSR in 1989. I was raised in the U.S. until I was 10, before moving to Lausanne, Switzerland. I lived there until I was 21, after which I briefly moved to Nottingham (England), then back to Switzerland, and finally to Japan in 2016. I’m currently enjoying a leisurely life in the Tokyo suburbs, spending my free time between trendy cafés, vintage stores and cheap karaoke.

I hold a B.A. in political science, a Master’s degree in human rights law, and an N1 language proficiency certificate in Japanese. My mother tongues are English and French; in roughly equal measure. I’ve previously worked for the International Labor Organization, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Keio University. Currently, I work for Japanese software developer Cybozu, where I run the corporate blog Kintopia.

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